What is SCIO? Bioenergetic Medicine

SCIO stands for Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System and is a universal electro physiological biofeedback-system. It was developed 25 years ago by Prof. Dr. Nelson based on the knowledges of quantum physics. Prof. Dr. Nelson studied physics when he was 11 and graduated with 16. Afterwards he worked for the NASA.

Description of the method:

SCIO measures stress factors like germs, venoms, and other pathogens. In a second step the SCIO harmonizes by means of biokybernetic feedback the systems which are out of balance. Over 800 included analytic- and harmonising programs activate the self healing powers of the patient. Imbalances of the body can be compensated, before they manifest as an illness.

The treatment lasts about 2-4 hours depending on the health complaint and may take several sittings.

Fields of application:

Examples of the testing and harmonization possibilities:

  • Risk profile
  • Organ testing and stabilization
  • Decontamination and cell regeneration program
  • Muscle and nerve program
  • Stabilization of blood pressure and heart beat
  • Zap function with viruses, bacterias, fungus and parasites
  • Stabilization of the psyche
  • Acupuncture and meridian program
  • Skin, hair and facial program
  • Lerning and evolution program
  • Stabilization of the biorhythm
  • Hormone and enzyme program

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