Other Naturpathic Treatments

5. Pain Therapy

Pain therapy with Life Wave Patches

I use in my office the products of LifeWave.

Description of the method:

The LifeWave patches are pads, which are applied to certain acupuncture points of the body to stimulate these. They comunicate with the body through the human magnetic field. This is the so called resonance-transfer. Through this biostimulating action the pads influence the cells of our body and achieve the desired physical effects.

Fields of application:

Depending on the ailment there are individual pads:

  • Pain Therapy
  • Weight loss
  • Increase of energy
  • Endorsement of immune system
  • Improvement of general health
  • Aid for healthy sleep


1. Neuro Therapy

Holistic regulation therapy

2. Homeopathy

Likes are to be cured with likes.

3. Phytotherapy

The healing power of plants.

4. Bach flowers

Flowers which heal through the soul.

5. Pain Therapy

Pain Therapy with LifeWave Patches.

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